Assess Your Risks

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Assess Your Risks

Valuta il tuo rischio

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Business resilience is fundamental to the survival of any enterprise.


In Europe, although around 80% of newly founded enterprises survive their first year of existence, only 44% survive more than five years, according to the Eurostat business demographic statistics.

A ‘Lack of planning’ has been identified as the top reason for business failure.

Like other organisations, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are exposed to risks. But only 30% of them actually have a plan on how they would respond and manage if a risk or threat were to become a reality.

For example: a PwC survey on information security breaches revealed that:

  • 76% of SMEs faced a security incident in 2012.
  • In more than half of these cases, the incident was serious.
  • An average of between €21,000 and €42,000 was lost when dealing with the consequences of these serious incidents.


What about you? Have you planned how you would handle risks and incidents?


Test your awareness and preparedness to handle risks and incidents in your company now.