Who’s behind CASSANDRA?

Six organisations from Germany, Greece, Italy, the Czech Republic and Cyprus have collaboratively developed the CASSANDRA Approach within the framework of an EU project. All partners have contributed to the success of the project under the leadership of emcra. The project management method PRINCE2 was used for the implementation of the project.

Four of the partners are equipped with the necessary knowledge for compiling the project results. They have particular expertise in risk management, information security, business continuity management, crisis management, organisational development, capacity building and quality management. Alongside this, they have comprehensive knowledge in the areas of vocational education in Europe, e-learning, certification and programming.

The project’s target group, small and medium-sized enterprises, are represented by two associations in the project consortium, who together represent around 10,000 potential users of the project results.

Further information about the partners can be found below.

emcra GmbH is a leading training and consulting company in the areas of national and European funding, as well as international project management. Since 2002 organisations, societies, associations and public institutions have profited from the specialist expertise of emcra’s international team.

As a consulting company, emcra GmbH accompanies its clients to national and European funding, starting with project development through to funding applications and all the way to the successful implementation of funded projects.

emcra maintains a focus on the entire organisation as it works alongside its clients on their journey to internationalisation, helping them with the inherent challenges of change management. Its consulting work focuses on financing/funding, project management and risk management, and the implementation of international standards.

As an approved educational provider, emcra is also involved in vocational and adult education. Its learning opportunities are available throughout Europe and include classroom courses, online courses and a combination of the two (blended learning), as well as individually created educational products for clients.

IBWF e.V. (Institute for Business Consulting, Economic Development and Research) is based in Berlin and is the only association in Germany and Europe that brings together lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and business consultants in an organised, multidisciplinary network.

Founded in 1977, the IBWF e.V. has collated 40 years of professional experience and expert knowledge from its approximately 1,000 members.

The Institute makes this expertise available to the German ‘Mittelstand’ as a pool of experts in collaboration with its affiliated association, the ‘Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft e.V.’

IBWF e.V. is committed to a high-quality standard. For this reason, only consultants who meet specific training and advisory competence criteria may become members of the IBWF network.

lvh is the regional association for craftsmanship in the South Tyrol region in Italy. Since it was founded in 1989, the association has mainly been involved in representing the interests of crafts to local and regional institutions, other associations and the society in general.

With more than 8,000 members, lvh is the biggest trade association in South Tyrol. lvh offers a wide range of services to its members, including accounting, employee accounting, tax computation, consulting in the area of innovation, legal advice and training courses.

The association is a member of the “Confartigianato imprese”, the Italian national association of craftsmanship and of small business standards (SBS).

lvh is a project-oriented organisation with more than ten years of experience in managing national ESF-, ERDF- and Interreg-projects, as well as, Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships.

Tournis Consulting LP provides consulting services in the areas of risk management, crisis management, business continuity, security management, compliance and internal control.

The company’s team of field experts allows it to work with clients from throughout the European Union, the Balkan region and the Middle East, advising them on how to define their professional and specific organisational requirements, how to form strategies and roadmaps, and how to progress safely to implementation and integration.

Tournis Consulting is a member of the Sigma Business Network and works with most international and national standards, regulations, legislations and individual customer guidelines. The company uses globally established methodologies and best practices that are customised to the requirements of their client, whether at a local or multinational level in both the private and public sector.

The Cyprus Project Management Society (CPMS) is a non-profit organisation established in 2008 with the objective of promoting international project management standards, techniques and certifications in Cyprus and introducing the benefits that come with applying a project management culture to companies and to society in general.

In addition to its activities related to project management methodologies, CPMS also collaborates with other international associations by participating in research in the area of project management.

The CPMS is the national association in Cyprus of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), the most renowned project management federation of over 60 Member Associations (MAs) worldwide.

Furthermore, the CPMS has been an active partner in EU projects since 2012, contributing with its expertise in project management and planning, financial management and business standards (ISO).

T-SOFT is an IT company that primarily focuses on specialised information systems, integration and security. One of the company’s most valuable assets is its capability to develop and implement specialised systems on a national level and at short notice. The company’s customers include public authorities, banks and large enterprises, as well as international institutions.

T-SOFT main specialisations are system integration, the development of tailored systems and outsourcing. These three terms cover all the complex supplies of hardware, software, expert services on Microsoft, Oracle and SafeNet platforms, development and modification of tailored software, assurance of interoperability and interconnection of various systems, coordination of sub-contractors and their development teams, assurance of cooperation between various information systems by achieving their efficient interconnection, assurance of system security, advisory services and consultancy, trainings and operational support. Other services include system solutions enhancing the security of company data and processes and comprehensive solutions for crisis management support. T-SOFT also provides solutions of procedural interoperability based mainly on military and civil standards.