Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – particularly micro-enterprises – in the service sector face the challenge when it comes to risk management of needing to identify business risks and threats at an early stage. They often lack the knowledge required to form the necessary resilience against possible risks. This is where the EU project "CASSANDRA" comes into play.

The aim of the two-year project (2015-2017), which is funded as a "Strategic Partnership" from the EU “Erasmus+" programme, is to improve the stability and resilience of SMEs through the use of three new tools. These products will help SMEs to develop a risk management system tailored to the needs of their company and to have an increased awareness of possible business risks and threats.

The CASSANDRA Approach includes a Quick Check, a Guide and an Online Course. Through the use of these tools, SMEs will be able to analyse business risks independently and cost-effectively and to minimise or neutralise them in the future through practical solution strategies, thereby becoming more stable. The three products impart detailed knowledge in the areas of risk management, business continuity management and information security management.